$199 $99 $89
- You get $9,613 In Value - Will Sell Out Quickly -

Get access to the Blockchain Academy 
a personal 1h Skype call with Ivan.
Get access to the Blockchain Academy 
a personal 1h Skype call with Ivan 
spend 1 day with Ivan in Stockholm (flights and accommodation at Grand Hotel Stockholm included)
From the desk of Ivan, in Stockholm, Sweden 

Hey, Ivan here,  

Let me guess… 

You’ve just scrolled down your Twitter feed and saw another project going live... and getting listed on Coinmarketcap. 

The feeling of envy tickles your stomach: “Ah, I had the exact same idea two years ago… it could have done it…” 

But you didn’t have enough information… 

You didn’t have programming skills… 

Or just didn't know which direction the industry was going  …

Yes, if you knew all these things, you would have been in their shoes… 

And be a lot wealthier… 

But let’s be honest. You probably didn’t know any of these things and now you’re wondering: “How can I get into cryptocurrencies and create my own project which would motivate me and bring me decent living financially and internally?”

That’s why you are here. 

Lean in closer buddy, I have something important to tell you.

You see, the $500 billion blockchain revolution is only the beginning and I am going to show you how you can profit from it…
There Are Still Great Opportunities 
in The Crypto Market
Let’s be real. 

The entire circus around the crypto industry doesn’t attract you that much…

By circus I mean all of these guys claiming to be “crypto experts”, showing off their Lambos and sharing their advices like politicians share their promises before the elections. 

I hate this circus too. 

I hate the values these people are demonstrating and giving bad reputation for all of us... 

And… I hate the misleading information they are broadcasting to the world. 

But if you are here, I assume you want one of these things: 

  •  Get all of the information necessary so you would be independent from others and         develop your very own projects  
  •  Make your resume much more attractive, which will lead you to new career in Blockchain industry and get you a decent paying job EVEN if you don’t have any previous experience in crypto or Blockchain
  •  Level-up you your game in programming and either change your field of work or just understand the industry better   
So instead of blaming yourself of not getting on to the train in 2013, 2015 or yesterday, let’s look at the AMAZING opportunities Crypto and Blockchain has to offer NOW. 
There is Nothing Boring About Having a Well-Paid Job,  
Working on Projects You Love and Surrounding 
 Yourself With High-Quality People  
Even though I believe in cryptocurrencies…

The truth is – not all of them are going to reach Himalayas of Crypto. Some of them are going fall off the cliff… 

However, I'm still looking at the industry with my eyes opened. Because I believe in the technology behind it. 

It is already revolutionising many different industries like : accounting, finance, government, money transactions, computer games and many many more… 

With so many projects around, we are facing one enormous problem – there aren’t enough qualified technical people who can manage this multi-billion dollar industry.


My guess - most people have one of these thoughts (and due of the them are afraid of diving deep into the technology)

Here are they:  
 #1 “I have to go to University and earn a PhD in Computer science” 
Reality: Much of the blockchain development happens outside Universities. The industry is still a baby  and is developing rapidly, so by the time books reach a printer, they are already out-dated. So the majority of advancements come from entrepreneurs, independent researches or fans. 
What you actually need: Confidence in your ability to actually learn this stuff and have a clear “first do this, then do that” learning strategy, to gain visible momentum and unwavering motivation to keep learning. 
#2 “I am too late, the industry is filled with professionals who know how to do this stuff. I will not have a chance to get a job”
Reality: Bitcoin was invented 10 years ago, but the innovation boom started only when Ethereum was launched in 2015. Most of new companies and ideas in this space have been built on Ethereum, which is still very immature. 
What’s in it for you: even when you start now, you can realistically become a wolrd-class expert within a few years. Most people are not doing it that long, and it won’t be that hard to catch up. 
#3 “Programming is only for the "nerds" and "geeks" who are no-lifers, just playing Runescape (I did it too), living in their own reality, but are not interested in solving real-life problems.” 
Reality: earlier the crypto community was mainly full of computer geeks or “no-lifers”.
What you actually need:  Being curious and open-minded will give you a head-start. 
#4 “It’s way too hard and boring. I would never be able to learn how to program.” 
Reality: What’s boring about creating your own projects, be excited every morning about building something that solves problems? What is it so hard about learning skills, which will help you to be as attractive as Steve Jobs in the marketplace? The hard thing in life is to build dreams of others, not yours. 
What you need: Yes, it takes time to learn how to program, but what distinguishes great programmers from average ones, is that great ones love solving problems, they stick to their project the longest, until they find the solution. So the question is, how excited are you about your project? 
 #5 “I need to be very good at advanced math” 
Realilty: When you ask most people about programming, they are only thinking about matrix-like advanced maths, but the reality is – anyone can learn. We even have students who have backgrounds in music/literature.  
What kind of math do you actually need: If you know how to add, subtract, divide, and multiply – you are on the right track. 
FACT: There is a HUGE demand for blockchain developers
I am not going to sell you the importance of knowing how to develop projects on blockchain.

If you are already here, you already know it’s essential part of any project anyone is building and by learning it, you will: 
  •  Have a solid foundation about the crypto eco-system to start making better decision before investing into any of the projects. 
  •  Possess a powerful and highly needed skill that can literally allow you to choose which projects you want to work at
  •  Answer with confidence when someone asks you whether one or another project is worthwhile looking into   
  •  Attract many different projects you actually feel motivated in participating
  •  Be approached by individuals or companies who are developing projects based on Blockchain   
  •  If you ever decide to         work from the sanny beaches of Thailand, you will be able to do that too  
YES… these outcomes are totally within reach for you… 

but they do depend on learning the skills necessaryIn a step-by-step approach. 

One that will cut down AT LEAST 12months if you were learning it on your own… 

One that big companies are paying me thousands to teach their staff...


One that will inspire you to keep learning, build projects on your own, preventing you from guessing whether what you are learning is correct or not... 

Cause here is the thing - if you learn by yourself, you will never know whether what you learn is correct or not…
Who the Heck I am to tell you all this?  
Ivan here. 

And when I am not reading Grant Cardone’s books, hanging out with friends, geeking out in forums or trying to 10x… 

I run one of the biggest Youtube channels on Crypto, speak at the conferences and help companies to create their own platforms, develop their projects… 

At the same time, I teach individuals like you to do the same… Develop blockchain-based projects. 

I am NOT: 

A typical “Crypto Expert”

“Crypto Oracle”  

Or… Over-priced “put me on your advisory board” type of person. 

I am more of a hard-worker who runs the Stockholm Blockchain Group, where we actually develop new products and implement newest technological solutions. I am the one who tries to understand the thinking of every project behind the hype other people see...     

So how did I get to where I am now? 

Well, I was actually at the same position as you are now more than a year ago… 

Before I got involved in the blockchain industry, I had a corporate job I hated…

Every morning I had this gut wrecking sensation which didn’t allow me to get out of my bed…

I was feeling depressed… My thoughts were grey and I didn’t think that the job I had took me where I wanted to go. Not only financially, but also internally and spiritually… 

I wasn’t creating anything meaningful or contributing to the world.. So millions thoughts were running through my brain like lighting bolts constantly: 

“How do I change it?”

“What can I do to have more meaning in my life?”  

“How can I go from this sad place where I don’t enjoy my work to something more fun, to something that pays me more, to something that inspired me more?” 

At that time I had interest of mine – Bitcoin. I was interested in it since 2013 but never took it seriously as something that could be my day-to-day job. 

Till one day I came to a realization: “I am not continuing with my boring corporate job of being an average software developer and living a life without meaning.” 

So I started studying Bitcoin. I wanted to know it all and was “geeking” out. 

Like a mad professor creating his own Frankenstein.  

Let you remind you. Back then there weren’t a lot of courses, resources or books. You had to learn everything from scratch, mostly from forums. 

It wasn't easy. I was studying during the night, in the evening. I had to put a lot of will power into it. 

Yet, I realised I am studying something not many people know about - I was on to something huge. 

A revolution that was about to come.  

In a few months I started to get a really good understanding of it and companies were hiring me to consult them on crypto. 

And then… Ethereum came along.

Knowing my background as a Software Developer, I got even more interest, because now, I could combine my skillset. 

Now, nearly three years later, I run one of the biggest Youtube channels on crypto (+177.000 subscribers) and run Stockholm Blockchain Group, a consultancy where we develop blockchain projects on day-to-day basis.  

I have also had a privilege giving speeches at the biggest Crypto conferences, teaching companies and individuals how to develop smart contracts. 

But, instead of me rambling about myself, I am going to show you what students of mine are saying about the program I have prepared for you and will introduce in a second…
Smart Contract Programming Course 
The most advanced step-by-step smart contract programming course
which will give you the necessary up-to-date skills to get a job
 or develop your own projects on blockchain.  
As I was educating people about blockchain via my Youtube channel crypto news website (toshitimes.com), I was constantly receiving messages from my followers
  • "Ivan, it's cool that you go to companies and teach them about blockchain, but how we ourselves can develop smart contracts?"
  • "How we ourselves can develop projects on blockchain?" 
  • "How we ourselves can take part in the industry that is spreading faster than an Internet virus?" 
I was kind of ignoring them for a while, but then it hit me hard. 

“If I really want to make a positive change in this world, if I really want to give power back to people, I have to teach people HOW TO CREATE PROJECTS ON THEIR OWN”

I couldn’t let my followers down.

So I invited a friend of mine and a business partner Filip and had a long discussion about how we could actually help.

The result of it – Smart Contract Programming course. 

A course for complete-beginners and advanced developers alike that gives a crystal-clear, “can’t fail” methodology how to learn developing on blockchain, develop your own projects and increase your value in the marketplace.
This course is NOT for you IF...
  • You are looking for a magic wand or extremely easy way to learn Smart Contract programming
  • You're going to watch the material but         never to implement it
  • You're looking to create some shitty ICO's without any value and run away with the cash
  • You can't commit at least 4-6 hours a week learning how to Program Smart Contracts 
  • You don’t know how to         open up an email, search on google or installing software on your laptop. This course is not teaching these basic things. 
This course IS for you IF...

  • You're open to admitting that         the way you've acted until now may need to change if you achieve higher levels of success and happiness
  •  You're focused on the long-term and understand there will always be ups and downs, but you can make HUGE impact to your life by acting smarter
  •  You're curious about newest-technology and looking for new career opportunities in the quickly-rising industry where the demand is already massive and is only going to increase
  •  You’re already         spending 4 hours a week researching on crypto and blockchain and believe that power belongs to people
  •  Understand that in order to get a highly paid job in blockchain industry you DON'T have to have a University degree or relevant experience
  •  You’re ready to take 30days to give the Smart Contract Programming course a shot. We’re not looking for half-hearted commitment from any of our students, but as long as you’re looking to go all in for 30days, we GUARANTEE that you’ll see massive improvement and will think “why didn’t I do this earlier” excitement that powers your right through the course of the program. 
If you checked at least 4 of 7 items above, you owe it to yourself and we are absolutely CERTAIN that you will achieve your goals. 
30 Day Money Back Guarantee:
My Promise to You
We have packed a lot into this course and  
I want to make sure it as easy as possible for 
you to give a confident "yes".

Take 30days to go through firs TWO MODULES 
of Smart Contract Developing experience.

If for any reason at all you don't LOVE
the course in 30days, I insist you getting 100% money back.

Simply email me at ivan@stockholmblockchain.com, show me the work that you did
 and I'll give you all your money back. No questions asked.  

This guarantee lasts for 30days, so you will have a plenty of time to try the ENTIRE course, 
implement the knowledge and THEN decide if it's right for you.

Detailed Currilulum
Module 1 – Learn The Mindset Required for High Performing Developers

You’ll immediately be start replacing your limiting beliefs about programming to this unique environment. From this moment of clarity you will be able to focus on the thoughts that actually top-producing developers are aware of and get rid of the inside-destructive ones. 
  •  Get into an expert mindset for learning
  •  Learn how to tackle problems in programming
Module 2 – Programming 101 

This is the module for all of the people that are starting from scratch that will quickly take you up to speed. If you are already familiar with programming you can skip this section if you please. He you will start by learning the basics of programming and then move onto web programming and c++ programming. All lectures will be structured for the beginners mind and will prepare you for becoming a smart contract developer. 
  •  Learn the fundamentals about programming
  •  Learn about the developer tools needed and how to install them
  •  Learn HTML, Javascript and CSS in detail
  •  Learn C++ in detail
Module 3 – Internet 3.0

Here you’ll begin to learn about decentralization from a programming perspective. We will talk about the future of the internet and how smart contracts and blockchain can change the way the internet operates. This module is meant to be a preparation to set your mind in "decentralized mode" before we move on to smart contract development.
  •  Learn about the basics of decentralization
  •  Learn about Internet 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0
  •  Learn how smart contract will change the internet
Module 4 – Ethereum Smart Contract Development
Here you will learn how to program smart contracts on the Ethereum platform. You will learn the basics of the Ethereum platform and how the EVM works. After this module you will be fully comfortable in programming in Solidity and building and deploying your own smart contracts.
  •  Learn how Ethereum and the EVM works
  •  Learn how to write smart contracts in Solidity
  •  Learn how to deploy and interact with contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain
Module 5 – Ethereum Dapp Development

Learn how to connect the knowledge of the previous module to a bigger picture by building decentralized applications. We will use the newest development tools in order to develop and deploy decentralized application with an Ethereum backend. 
  •  Learn the concept of decentralized applications
  • Learn how to use Web3 to connect web pages to smart contracts
  •  Learn how to use the latest development tools and frameworks to develop dapps
Module 6 – NEM Smart Contracts 

Here you will learn how to program off-chain smart contracts on the NEM blockchain. You will learn the basics of the NEM blockchain and how it is different from other blockchains. After this module you will be fully comfortable in programming your own smart contracts on NEM.
  •  Learn how the NEM Platform works and what sets it apart
  •  Learn how to program off-chain smart contracts
  •  Learn how to use the NEM API
Module 7 – NEM Dapp Development

Learn how to connect the knowledge of the previous module to a bigger picture by building decentralized applications on NEM. We will use the NEM API to connect our standard applications to a decentralized system. We will also learn how to issue and use tokens on the NEM blockchain. 
  •  Learn how to use the NEM API in order to make our applications decentralized
  •  Learn how to create tokens on the NEM platform
  •  Learn how to utilize tokens in our applications to create a digital representation of assets 
Module 8 – EOS Smart Contracts 

Here you will learn how to program smart contracts on the all new and hyped EOS blockchain. You will learn the basics of the EOS blockchain and how it attempts to challenge Ethereum. After this module you will be fully comfortable in programming your own smart contracts on EOS.
  •  Learn the basics of the EOS blockchain
  •  Learn how to code smart contracts in C++ on EOS
  •  Learn how to deploy contracts to the EOS blockchain.
"Do I need to be a programmer to take this course?"

We will however start the course with a programming bootcamp, where you can learn the basics of programming and get up to speed with the basic knowledge you need in order to proceed with Smart Contract Programming. As long as you are willing to learn and work hard, you will be able to understand. If it turns out to be too difficult for you, you can always claim your money back within 30 days of the course launch date.

"How will the course be delivered?"

All of the course material will be available in video format on an online teaching platform, where you will be able to log in and access the course material whenever you want. 

There are no fixed hours so anyone can take the course, regardless of your job situation. 

You will also get programming assignments and homework for you to do on your own, in order to solidify you knowledge.

"Do I need to know advanced maths?"

Whilst knowing advanced maths certainly help, we will be teaching you how to do everything on your own. 

To begin with, if you know how to add, subtract, divide and multiply – you are on the right track. Take it easy, even someone with music/literature background will be able to catch up.

"There is a lot of free information online on it, why should I learn with you?"

I never told you couldn’t do it on your own. I did it on my own. That’s why I know how frustrating it can be to learn on your own. 

The biggest problem is – if you learn something, you are not always sure if it is right or wrong. 

You might think you are right, but you will never be sure. If I were beginner, it would have saved me 12months of learning on my own, because we work on it every day. 

We know what’s the most important and what can be thrown into the trash straight away.

"Can I take this course with a 9-5 job?"

Yes, absolutely. The course material will be available in video format whenever you want to learn. FOREVER.

"Do I need to attend this course in real time?"

No, the course is on demand video and you can study on your own pace whenever you want.

"I already know programming, will this be useful for me?"

I’m sure you’ll learn a lot even if you already have some programming experience prior to this.

This course will go way beyond normal programming and focus on smart contract development and decentralised applications. 

If you feel as if the course was too superficial for you when it's launched, you can always claim your money back within 30 days.

What will I get? 
  •  Programming Introduction ($799)
  • Javascript programming from scratch  ($1229)
  •  C++ programming from scratch ($2349)
  •  Internet 3.0 Introduction ($999)
  •  Ethereum Smart Contract Programming ($1599)
  •  Ethereum Hands on Dapp Development ($999)
  •  NEM Smart Contract Programming ($1999)
  •  NEM Hands on Dapp Development ($999)
  •  EOS Smart Contract Programming ($1999)
  •  Total Course Value: $12,971
Bonus #1
You'll get a LIFETIME access to a community of experts and students
Bonus #2
We will answer all of your questions in our dedicated Forum for Crypto developers
Bonus #3
Access to Stockholm Blockchain Group database with job opportunities together with our partners
Here is what to do next: 
On this page you can purchase your Smart Contract Programming course 

>> Hit the button "Yes, I Want to Learn Smart Contract Programming"

>> It will redirect you to order confirmation page

>> Once you enter your card details and press confirmation button, you will be sent to confirmation page

>> You will also receive an email confirming with log-in details you will need to access the course

What really motivates me? 
When you consider that this course could get you a job that forever could change your life or allow you to develop your own project, the price of 199$ is ridiculous. 

So you are probably wondering why am I giving such a valuable material for so little. 

Well, there are actually a few reasons... 

1. It's my way of saying thank you for supporting me along the journey. I want people to like it, as much as they liked my other products.

2. Because unlike other "guru's" I don't make all of my money by teaching how to invest or develop projects. I actually lead Stockholm Blockchain centre where we develop projects. 

3. It's a bit selfish reason, but at Stockholm Blockchain Group we literally lack Smart Contract programmers so we can not use our maximum potential. 

4. I'm sick and tired of all of the projects, which are built on sand. I actually want to see high-quality projects being developed by people who solve real problems and know how to do it. 

70% of the people in the Crypto industry don't know anything about it. 20% know something. The rest are high performers who are profiting from it the most, but are not fully sharing their secrets. 

That's why you need this course, to get into this 10% who are making the most profit from cryptos.  
Will you mature together with the industry?
What future was I seeing to myself? 

Will I do something that excites me to wake up every morning or will I struggle to get up and get going? 

These were the questions I was asking myself just over a year ago… 

And the truth is – they changed the course of my entire life. 

I quit my job, dove deep into Crypto, learned the skills that are in the highest demand NOW and enjoying every day of my life. I couldn’t be more grateful. Sadly not many people are not living their dreams… 

They tend to settle for our jobs, our finances, even our lifestyle!  

Most people go a lifetime chasing random tactics, becoming frustrated and even giving up on their dreams. Think about it – that’s decades of frustration! 

How many people do you know who let opportunity after opportunity slip by… even they claim they want to live their dream life? But never change…  

The leaders you see in crypto took it grabbed it with their bare hands and never let go. 

Saying that… 

Smart Contract Programming gives you the hottest skills in the market. 

And the best part is...  You don’t have to learn them alone. 

I have learned the skills in a hard way, studying on my own, sleeping my way through the forums and wasting hours searching quality information. 

And the worst thing was - I never knew if what I was learning was correct or not… 

So here you have it… Your secret weapon – Smart Contract Developing course to accelerate your learning, income and lifestyle… 

Will you take this journey with me? 

You know… In a year from now, crypto industry will grow and be more mature. Will you grow with it?
Claim Your Smart Contract Programming Spot Now... 
P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who skipped everything and went straight to the bottom here is the deal. 

I am going to give you a Smart Contract Programming course, which will allow you to: 
  •  Create blockchain based projects on your own, EVEN IF you haven't had any experience as a programmer before
  •  Get the jobs you want as the demand for Smart Contract Developers is so massive and the pay is so huge
  •  Improve your skills as a programmer and get a pay-rise or completely change your career paths 
You will also get: 
  •  LIFETIME access to our community of experts and students
  •  Dedicated forum for Crypto Developers where we will answer all of your questions 
  •  Access to Blockchain Stockholm partners and job opportunities upon finishing the course
And in case you are wondering... There is no catch. 

In fact, if for any reason, you don't like the course, we will refund your money within 30 days of buying the course.

So hit the button below to get access to Smart Contract Programming. You won't regret it. 
Your Purchase
$299 $199
Join NOW to claim your discount
Ivan On Tech
Over the past 2 years Ivan has helped over 55 Blockchain Companies, 
grew his Youtube channel to over +175k subscribers, 
established Stockholm Blockchain Group and 
spoke at 15 conferences on crypto and blockchain.  
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